A Dog Accident

Utthan Foundation volunteers save dog hit by car. Dog had crushed hind legs. Rushed to vet hospital, fostered for 2 months until full recovery. Utthan Foundation provides permanent home. Dedicated volunteers show unwavering commitment to helping animals in need.

Dog Accident
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What Happened?

On the morning of January 23rd, our volunteers at Utthan Foundation were called to the scene of a dog accident in Sushant Golf City, Lucknow. A dog had been hit by a car and was lying on the road with serious injuries. Our volunteers quickly arrived at the scene and examined the wounded dog, finding that its hind legs were crushed by the car. Determined to save the dog's life, our volunteers immediately rushed the injured dog to the nearest veterinary hospital.

Healing Process

Over the next several days, our volunteers visited the hospital regularly to monitor the dog's progress and ensure that it was receiving the best possible care. As the dog's condition improved, our volunteers made arrangements to foster the dog in one of their homes. The dog was unable to walk on its own, and it needed round-the-clock care and attention.

Dog Accident
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After Two Months

Over the next two months, our volunteers provided the dog with a safe and loving environment in which it could recover from its injuries. With the help of our volunteers, the dog made a full recovery. Its hind legs became stronger, and it was able to walk on its own once again. From then on, Utthan Foundation took care of the dog and provided it with a permanent home.

Our Commitment

The story of the dog accident and our volunteers' efforts to save the dog's life is a testament to the compassionate and dedicated work that Utthan Foundation does every day. Our volunteers are committed to making a difference in the lives of animals and communities in need, and they will stop at nothing to help those in need.

Dog Accident

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